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2020-03-16 Mon 175,142,678 - 351 - 4,827 -
2020-03-17 Tue 175,289,827 +147149 351 - 4,828 +1
2020-03-18 Wed 175,445,072 +155245 352 +1 4,829 +1
2020-03-19 Thu 175,483,231 +38159 352 - 4,830 +1
2020-03-20 Fri 175,674,473 +191242 352 - 4,830 -
2020-03-21 Sat 175,820,289 +145816 352 - 4,832 +2
2020-03-23 Mon 176,028,055 +207766 354 +2 4,833 +1
2020-03-24 Tue 176,143,036 +114981 354 - 4,833 -
2020-03-25 Wed 176,226,665 +83629 355 +1 4,834 +1
2020-03-26 Thu 176,409,284 +182619 355 - 4,834 -
2020-03-27 Fri 176,527,995 +118711 355 - 4,834 -
2020-03-28 Sat 176,591,717 +63722 355 - 4,835 +1
2020-03-29 Sun 176,740,251 +148534 355 - 4,837 +2
2020-03-30 Mon 176,863,517 +123266 356 +1 4,838 +1
2020-03-31 Tue 177,009,477 +145960 357 +1 4,838 -
Total Summary +1866799 +11

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Current Stats 2020-03-31 177,009,477 4,838
30 days 2020-04-30 181,009,767 4,868
60 days 2020-05-30 185,010,057 4,898
3 months 2020-06-29 189,010,347 4,928
6 months 2020-09-27 201,011,217 5,018
9 months 2020-12-26 213,012,087 5,108
1 year 2021-03-31 225,679,672 5,203
1 year and half 2021-09-29 249,948,098 5,385
2 years 2022-03-31 274,349,867 5,568
Based on an average of +133,343 followers /day +1 uploads /day

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< 1,000 8%
< 5,000 5.7%
< 10,000 4%
< 100,000 2.4%
100,000+ 1.7% therock 0.92%

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View Post Great question from you guys on how did I feel headlining a record three WrestleManias with @steveaustinbsr and how he influenced my career. 
It’s so simple ~ I love and respect that man and was truly TRULY my honor to share the ring and make history with him and create “magic” that will never be duplicated. 
Love you brother and as always, “thank you for the house” 🍺 🥃 2020-03-29 video Great question from you g.. 1,162,249 8,974
View Post My daily training helps me maintain my balance and mental stability and mental wellness. 
And I don’t post my actual workouts because I’m sensitive (possibly over sensitive) and empathetic to the millions and millions around the world unable to workout in your local gyms. 
One day, you will again. 
And when that day comes, you’re training will be NEXT LEVEL BEAST MODE. 
I’m averaging about a 50/50 ratio of having good days to not so good, wobbly days. 
That ratio will improve. 
As will our conditions around the world as we deal with and, eventually, overcome this global virus. 
This Sunday, let’s take a much needed reprieve — I’ll break out my @teremana and my cheat meal and you break out your liquid and cheat meal of choice and we’ll have ourselves a lil’ worldwide LIVE Q&A on IGTV. 
Stay healthy, my friends. 
See ya Sunday 🌎🥃🍨 2020-03-28 video My daily training helps m.. 1,081,310 11,335
View Post How tall am I? 
How much do I weigh? 
And was I nervous when I first broke into Hollywood?
6’12. Kidding 6’4. 
And hell yes, I was nervous. 
In life, there are no guarantees and just because I was a popular pro wrestler - that meant nothing when it came to becoming a viable global box office draw. 
I made the tough decisions and the most important of all, was deciding I was done trying to be someone I’m not to conform to Hollywood. 
Instead, I decided to be my own man and Hollywood would eventually conform to me. 
And remember, just because something doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it can’t happen ~ it just means you haven’t created it yet. 
Thank you all for your questions. 
Keep ‘em coming. 
Stay healthy, disciplined and take care of one another. 
We’ll get thru this together and eventually, we’ll rise again. 
D 2020-03-24 video How tall am I? How much .. 1,812,978 17,013
View Post My “why” has continued to evolve over the years — like many of us, I’m sure. 
Thru my teens and early 20’s, my “why” was me working my ass off, because I didn’t want to be broke. 
I was tired of living that “$7 bucks” life. 
Then, my “why” became my passion. 
Then my “why” became my babies. 
Now, my “why” is my family and working my ass off to build my legacy. 
In the end, our legacy is the thing that we all leave behind. 
Thank you guys for the amazing questions. 
Good to stay connected and positive with ya around the world during these tough times. 
Stay healthy. Stay disciplined. We’ll get thru this, together. 
#legacy 2020-03-21 video My “why” has continue.. 2,666,508 17,358
View Post I’ll try it one @teremana at a time 🥃
Hope this one makes ya laugh a bit during these tough times. 
Enjoy one of my personal favorite songs, “baby I love you” from the Yayhoos. 
A song a lot of us around the world might be singing right about now. 😂
Stay strong, stay healthy, take care of your families and we’ll get thru thing together.
And yes, I take requests 🎤
#haggardandteremana 🥃 2020-03-21 video I’ll try it one @terema.. 2,447,492 21,840
View Post Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of the history making ICON vs ICON WrestleMania match between myself and the Immortal @HulkHogan. 
Here’s my answer to your questions about how I felt about our iconic match and some unique backstory to our build up and the importance of doing something that’s served me my whole life - always listen to my gut. 
Thanks for all your great questions and thank you, Terry for passing the torch. 
Truly, my honor. 
Stay health everyone and take care of one another — we will get thru this. 
#listentoyourgut 2020-03-19 video Yesterday was the 18th an.. 1,365,341 11,369
View Post How excited am I to play, BLACK ADAM⚡️? Very. 
I dive into more detail on the “why” and the character’s mythology as well as a few key filmmakers who are ready to bring Black Adam’s story to life as we begin shooting this summer. 
How do I find balance in my wildly busy life? 
Easily one of my most asked questions, since finding our balance & wellness is something we all continue to strive for daily in our busy lives. 
My family. 
My gym. 
My pick up truck 
No “yes” people. 
And my @teremana 😈🥃
Thanks for the great questions. 
Stay healthy, take care of one another and we’ll pull thru this. 
#truckporn 2020-03-17 video How excited am I to play,.. 1,628,994 13,717
View Post As many of us are now working from home and managing our businesses, lives and home front, in the spirit of entertaining you and staying connected with ya — I figured I’d answer your most asked questions throughout the day. 
First up/
When did I start working out? 
My usual answer is, “right out of the womb, baby!” but since the real answer is equal parts embarrassing AF and an invaluable lesson I’ve carried with me all my life — so I’ll keep it real ☺️
Stay healthy, enjoy my pain and shoot me your questions in the comments. 
#egotraining 🛑
#tobaccospitting 🤣
#afrosandacne 🤦🏽‍♂️ 2020-03-16 video As many of us are now wor.. 1,185,498 11,573
View Post Very cool gift 👕 that means a lot to me from our Teamsters. 
As a “thank you” they had this t-shirt made recognizing the entertainment entities that have had the most impact on the state of Georgia’s economy/
My brother, @tylerperry 
And the big, brown, bald tattooed fella. 
For the past decade, it’s been a privilege for our @sevenbucksprod to bring big budget business to the state of Georgia and create some opportunities for all the local business owners we shake hands with. 
Raising a @teremana toast 🥃 of gratitude to my brothers (and sisters) of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. 
Thank you Trace! @tlane_transpo 
#tcb 2020-03-15 image Very cool gift 👕 that .. 616,006 2,614
View Post Took years to develop and distill our delicious tequila in our small, yet proud Mexican town, high in the Jalisco mountains. 
Our Teremana agave fields are beautiful and expansive, but also allow us to create a sustainability that serves and fortifies our land. 
Teremana will be hitting all of your favorite stores and restaurants in just a couple weeks. 
Can’t wait to raise a glass with all of you. 
#teramana 🥃 2020-03-11 video Took years to develop and.. 504,887 2,954
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